A financial services firm required support in uplifting its large corporate customers to their new AML standard. Campion Willcocks rapid response team was engaged to assist frontline personnel and work together to ensure the customers were reviewed within the timeframe.


The Campion Willcocks team paired up with the client’s first line team to double the existing capacity, whilst ensuring continued high standards. In parallel to this, Campion Willcocks advised on enhancements to the existing process, including the use of automated monitoring tools, to ensure that a sustainable BAU solution was established for further reviews.


The implementation of new processes greatly reduced end-to-end completion times from 100 days under the BAU model to 30 days using the new optimal operating model, and minimised any account disruption while enhancing the customer experience.


Campion Willcocks has extensive experience of providing end-to-end management of ring-fenced population in financial crime, and noted expertise in frontline engagement.