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We recognise that clients sometimes require a focused and highly effective team to respond to a pressing business issue  – we predominantly respond to regulatory driven problems with particular expertise in solutions to assist in the prevention of financial crime. A Campion Willcocks managed service delivers a rapid response, integrated mobile team with the capability and capacity required to take ownership of an issue at a client's site – operating either as a self-sufficient team or with client employees as required.

Our compliance teams are able to:

  • Tackle ring-fenced customer populations to obtain required KYC/KYB information and provide an end-to-end capability. We can offer a tailor made solution including customer contact as required and bespoke case management solutions that drive a full Management Information suite for transparency.
  • Set up brand new operations and processes including centres of excellence – piloting and embedding new processes and backfilling our resource with training to client staff to leave a stable operation.
  • Deploy support to BAU areas inside the organisation struggling with operational volumes – specialist areas including PEP reviews, CDD/EDD reviews across retail and corporate customers, Transaction monitoring, Trade Finance and Sanctions (including process design, policy writing and quality assurance activities as needed).
  • Unblock failing operational processes by taking a holistic view end-to-end – and having solved the immediate issue, ultimately redesigning these for future use to improve efficiency.
  • Provide multi-disciplined operational resource as versatile tactical teams to continually handle unforeseen events or expedite priority populations or issues as directed by our clients.

Our teams typically operate in units of 6-8 FTE, that can simply be bolted together for larger project requirements up to 90 FTE – albeit each team is structured to the specific client requirement.

The key Compliance propositions are;

Operational capability – we are highly experienced in mobilising and managing teams especially for high profile and complex problems. We will rapidly design and implement a solution, maintaining clear milestones throughout that can be oversighted by our bespoke management information.

Flexibility – we can provide expert resources to operate either as a self-sufficient unit, or integrate with a client’s permanent staff (or other third party providers) to deliver the optimal resource blend - factoring in cost and desired speed but without compromising on quality. We have successfully managed blended operations, including the oversight of augmented resources into our operation. We frequently seed personnel into other affected business lines to facilitate both process engagement and/or culture change as required.  

Adapting to change – all resources are cross-skilled, versatile and used to an environment where roles can change frequently depending on client priorities.

Value add – whilst we always deliver against defined requirements, our industry and operational experience means we can bring extra value to support the delivery of your objectives. This may include identifying continuous process improvements to optimise operational efficiency, the capability to create and rapidly deploy bespoke workflow tools or the integration of external data.

With our ongoing investment in resource development to add to the teams existing skillsets, and the pragmatic approach the team takes to problem solving, our ongoing successes mean we are continually expanding our managed service operations.    


Charlie Lazenby, Managing Partner, CW Compliance –
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