Client Success Stories

Campion Willcocks is involved in hundreds of successful projects each year, many involving multimillion pound investments and often reflecting an international dimension. This success demonstrates our expertise in providing clients with the best consultants, interims and contract resources - whatever the programme, project or change requirement.

The success stories in this section give you a flavour of who we work with in both the private and public sector, and what our people can deliver: it’s all about the benefits delivered. They have been produced with the agreement of the client involved, although confidentiality agreements mean we cannot name the client in every case.

A major divestment programme

A Campion Willcocks interim, Kirsty Holt, played a key role in a ground breaking separation programme in financial services. Read success story

Bringing project governance and launching social media for a major bank's internal communications team

Specialist consultants from Campion Willcocks enabled a 'rapid response' team in a major bank's change management function to live up to its name, embedding project governance and helping internal communications develop a new strategy for social media. Read success story

Bringing clarity: ensuring multimillion dollar contracts deliver as promised

When the credit card division of a global bank wanted an independent assessment on whether it should continue working with a critical supplier, a specialist consultant from Campion Willcocks interviewed key stakeholders, reviewed the situation with meticulous detail and delivered an objective viewpoint. Read success story

IT transition programme at the Ministry of Justice projected to make savings in excess of £100m

For 18 months James de Watteville, an Interim Head of PPM helped drive forward the rapid pace of change at this government agency by creating a flexible pool of highly-skilled change professionals. Read success story

Global bank: consulting on card systems outsourcing

A specialist Consultant from Campion Willcocks brought his unique experience and skills to bear when a leading global banking group wanted to explore the outsourcing of its credit card processing. Read success story

Improving Operational Risk at Lloyds

A Campion Willcocks Interim supported a group-wide programme at Lloyds focused on improving operational risk management to reduce costs, achieve regulatory compliance and deliver competitive advantage. Read success story

Nationwide Building Society: Integrating Portman

Campion Willcocks professionals played key roles in the successful integration of the Nationwide and Portman, helping deliver a wide-ranging programme £10m under budget and months ahead of schedule. Read success story

Royal & Sun Alliance enhances strategic planning, setting a course towards growth

When Royal & Sun Alliance, the major international insurance group, decided to ramp up its capabilities in corporate strategic planning, at both a group and regional level, it utilised the services of two experienced Campion Willcocks Interims. Read success story

Change programme at Barclaycard Business will boost profits by millions

A Campion Willcocks Interim played a key role in an initiative at Barclaycard Business' card acquisition operations, designed to analyse customer performance and provide enhanced pricing. The results will include increased profits of several million pounds. Read success story

Change, motivation and people development at Lloyds

A leadership programme led by a Campion Willcocks Interim empowered senior managers in the Group Operations division of Lloyds. The results included increased motivation, higher productivity and improved service levels. Read success story

Driving forward rapid pace of change at the DVLA

An Interim Head of PPM helped drive forward the rapid pace of change at this government agency by creating a flexible pool of highly-skilled change professionals. Read success story

Delivering efficiency and cost benefits at the DVLA

A Campion Willcocks Interim played a pivotal role in creating flexible skills-based 'Job Families' at this government agency, helping deliver a raft of efficiency and cost benefits. Read success story

Three Interims play pivotal roles in ensuring a new governmental body launches on time

A key challenge was to merge activities from three very different organisations, involving 63 locations and over 2,500 people, within challenging time scales and ensuring entirely new management arrangements within their own ethos and operating culture. Read success story

Rethinking Customer Services in a world-class finance ministry

As part of a critical IS Improvement Programme, which included restructuring its entire IS Division, HM Treasury needed a senior interim manager to focus on Customer Service, introduce standardised processes and mentor new managers. Read success story

Relationship management skills improve IT service delivery

When Haringey Council needed an interim manager with top-notch supplier relationship management skills, to support IT service delivery, it turned to Campion Willcocks. Read success story

Teamwork ensures a flying start for a new development corporation

West Northamptonshire learns from other corporation's experience as it gears up to regenerate the region. Read success story

Teamwork and innovation at the London Borough of Lambeth

Change management experts from Campion Willcocks are working alongside Lambeth's in-house team to drive forward the modernising government agenda. Read success story

Creating a Strategic Programme Office to drive change in England's most densely populated shire county

In August 2004, a Campion Willcocks Interim began advising on the set-up of a new programme office at Surrey County Council, designed to standardise processes and provide essential management information covering a range of multimillion-pound change projects. Read success story

Imaging and workflow: delivered on time, under budget

Our Interim led a multimillion-pound project at a major financial services group to develop and install a centralised imaging and workflow system for six large operations centres. The 18-month programme was completed on schedule and 40% under initial budget projections. Read success story

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